3 Reasons Why Coffee Burr Grinders Are So Expensive

Buying a good set of coffee equipment to make that perfect brew can be expensive. There are so many to choose from, from expresso machines to tampers, but what about a good quality coffee grinder?

Burr Grinders are expensive because they are made from high-quality materials. In addition, the coffee bean’s oils can ruin a grinder, so the blades need stainless steel, and the grinder needs metal. It is also important for the burrs to have a fine consistency. These factors make it hard to produce a cheap but durable coffee grinder.

A coffee burr grinder should be as practical as possible yet still have an elegant aesthetic design. Unfortunately, this makes the burr grinder different from all other coffee grinders and, therefore, more expensive.


Choosing A Burr Grinder

Coffee grinders are a lot like cars; they come in all sorts of styles and sizes. A bean grinder is designed for grinding coffee beans into fine to medium-fine powder, but not coarse enough to do it in one pass.

You will also need a very good burr grinder—the one with lots of teeth and tiny holes for the beans to fall through. The more holes there are, the finer the powder will be ground.

It’s not unheard of for a grinder to have as many as five different grind sizes (coarse, medium-fine, medium, fine, and espresso), depending on your taste preference.

A burr grinder isn’t just an appliance you buy because you like the design or price tag; it’s something that you’ll use every day and depend on it at least once every three months or so.

If you change grind size or blend your beans regularly, you may want a different burr grinder model than what was originally purchased for your homebrew setup.

The second thing we need is an airtight container for our freshly ground beans! Coffee beans can be stored in the freezer without much damage if they aren’t tightly sealed in plastic bags.

Don’t believe me? Buy one of those freezer bags with your favorite brand name printed on it). But once you start buying pre-ground coffee and storing it in plastic bags…well…it just won’t stay fresh forever!

The Key Elements of To A Good Burr Grinder:

  • A sturdy, smooth-working grinding mechanism that feels like it was designed by a person who knows what they are doing
  • A shiny chrome finish that celebrates the craftsmanship of coffee grinders and how they were developed over years of research and development
  • A clear display menu that adds an element of simplicity to your life
  •  A removable grinder basket for cleaning

What About Storage After Grinding? 

You don’t want any grounds leaving your machine while brewing because those things can end up clogging up the filters when they go back into storage!

So instead of dumping full bags into whatever container fits best (e.g., fridge) — always use sealed containers such as Tupperware boxes or glass jars — pour out what is left inside them before putting them back into storage after brewing!

With this practice, there should be little chance that any loose grounds will end up clogging up your filter basket.

Types Of Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders can be found in many shapes and sizes. They vary in the base material, operation style, and grinding style.

Grinders with a blade mechanism use a spinning blade to chop coffee beans into small particles, while conical or flat burr grinders crush coffee beans between two surfaces rotating at different speeds.

Blade Grinder

Blade grinders are a great choice for those who love to experiment with different types of beans, and they’re perfect for people who drink coffee on the go.

They’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to use. A good quality manual or electric blade grinder will last you for years if used properly. Once you’ve decided on a model that fits your needs and budget, then you can start shopping around online.

A blade grinder may be a better option for people with small kitchens or a small budget for appliances, but it is not the best option in terms of taste.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee every morning should invest in a burr grinder instead of buying a blade grinder.

Burr Grinders

A Burr Grinder is an excellent tool for producing great-tasting coffee. A Burr Grinder helps grind beans evenly and helps maintain the flavor profile of the coffee by preventing over-roasted flavors from being mixed in.

A Burr Grinder not only helps you to ground your coffee beans into the desired consistency, but it also does so quickly and efficiently. You can use a Burr Grinder to make coarse, medium, or fine grinds; some even offer the ability to adjust the coarseness on the fly.

It can be said that feeling empowered to perfect your coffee is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Burr grinders are one way to achieve this, as they give you more control than pre-ground beans or blade grinders.

However, there are some drawbacks to this method. For example, some find that it takes too long for their desired coffee flavor to come out of the grinder. It is also worth noting that not all burr grinders are created equal.

The consistency in the type of grind also allows for a more flavorful and fragrant cup.

With a burr grinder, you get:

  • Less bitter taste
  • It produces more flavor from the coffee beans
  • The beans are not over-ground
  • Maintains consistency in size
  • Longer lasting

The Perfect Grind Size

Whether you know it or not, many people out there want to buy burr grinders, and not just for your coffee.

The most common question is, “Why can’t people just buy a manual grinder?”

The answer is simple. Research has shown that the average person is incapable of using a manual grinder in its entirety.

Just like when you first started learning how to ride a bike, it takes time and practice to get used to certain details of riding, while it also takes time and practice to learn how to ride with your feet on the ground and not have them fall off.

Are Burr Grinders Loud?

Burr Grinders are usually louder than blade grinders, but not by much. The average noise level of a coffee burr grinder is about 60 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

With that said, it’s also true that some models produce more noise than others. If you have an older model with a noisy motor, consider replacing it with another manufacturer.

They’re often available for less money than new ones and will work just as well, if not better.  

Can You Sharpen a Coffee Grinder?

The answer is yes, but only if you have a blade-type grinder. It’s also important to use a professional-grade grindstone.

The reason is that sharpening stones tend to wear quickly, meaning you may need multiple stone types before finding one that works. In addition, professional coffee grinders tend to come with a diamond-shaped setup, so you never have to worry about a flat surface. 

How Often Should You Clean a Burr Grinder?

While most experts agree that you should clean your grinder every month or so, the frequency at which you need to clean can vary based on the use of your grinder.

For example, if you tend to make large quantities of espresso at once, cleaning your grinder during the week between uses will prevent buildup in your machine. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the price of a coffee burr grinder is worth it. Coffee bean oils can ruin and destroy the blades of a grinder, so it needs stainless steel and hardened steel gears. These high-quality materials increase the value and cost of these grinders.

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