Are Expensive Espresso Machines Worth It?

The cost to purchase an espresso machine comes up in circles of fervent coffee drinkers. However, the answer is not a simple one to identify. For a few coffee lovers, the answer is yes, and investing in a quality espresso machine is an excellent investment. 

Generally speaking, a good quality espresso machine will maintain a consistent temperature and pressure (9bar) during the extraction, which is vital when brewing espresso. The cheaper machines will be able to reach the 9 bar pressure but tend to fluctuate wildly.

This article will share informative and helpful insights to help you decide whether you need the machine and offer some alternatives if you cannot afford it.

What Is An Espresso Machine?

An espresso machine is a device that helps you make espresso. All espresso machines have the same components, which enables them to make the best espresso. Those involve an apple or a level, a filter holder, and one or more boilers. 

Making espresso needs some steps that begin with a boiler that makes the steam. The steam then collects in the pump.

A mechanism then pressurizes the steam into the water that is then forced through an espresso “puck” into a portafilter. 

How Much Does A Good Espresso Machine Cost?

A good espresso machine for a home barista will set you back between $400 and $700. And they work well at brewing excellent espresso without too much fuss.

Hence, you will find so-called espresso brewers that normally cannot cost over $50. Nevertheless, many connoisseurs and experts would say that they do not make espresso. 

On the other hand, if you’re using an espresso machine for commercial purposes, you can expect a price range of at least $2,000 to $40,000.

For medium-range, it’s challenging to put the finger on one price. For instance, a semi-automatic espresso machine could set you back from $3,000 to $10,000. 

Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

Keep in mind that the overall components of the machine determine its price. Prices are bound to increase with the amount used on the materials of the machine. High-cost coffee machines often utilize high-end and expensive materials. 

Even though expensive, those espresso machines have superior quality, which is why they are extremely expensive. 

Are There Any Good Cheap Espresso Machines?

Yes! You will still find other cost-efficient and budget-friendly espresso machines available in the market. 

Making espresso is not difficult. It only needs to inject pressured hot water into fine grounds and leach out the coffee potency and flavor that way. Thanks to technological advancement, you can get that on a meager budget. 

Some of the budget-friendly espresso machines today are Mr. Coffee Café Barista, Nespresso Essenza Mini, and Premium PEM350. 

Features of Espresso Machines That Affect the Price

You will find different features which will determine the category the espresso machine is placed in. The features also impact the espresso machine’s cost significantly. Here are some of the features that impact the machine’s price:

  • Temperature Adjustment for Individual Groups

Other espresso machines are designed with innovative temperature adjustment control, allowing for the brewing of individual groups. That feature is ideal for people wanting complete control over the machine’s brewing temperature.

  • Brewing Temperature Adjustment 

Standard espresso machines are created with a boiler controller and temperature adjuster. This feature is an idea for people wanting more control over the brewing temperature to prevent temperature changes.

  • Digital Display 

Machines with digital displays have great levels of temperature stability and constancy. Further, they are created with superior quality materials.

  • Quality 

The cost of an espresso machine is substantially raised using brass, metal, or stainless steel. Excellent espresso machines are made to have consistent brewing temperatures. 

Why Are (Autodrip) Coffee Makers So Much Cheaper?

Drip brewing and single-serve coffee makers are the most practical coffee makers out there. However, those are the ones that tend to be made out of plastic.

Those old-style metal coffee pots might look a bit clunky, but they are safe, as long as it is stainless steel and not lined along with aluminum. 

An Alternative To Expensive Brewing Equipment

Did you know you can still find alternatives to expensive brewing equipment? 

Try this instead:

  • Pod Machines

This machine makes your drink out of ground coffee in capsules or pods. You load in a coffee pod, press a button, and the machine will pump hot water from a built-in reservoir. 

  • Steam Machines

This a machine that brings water to a boil in a sealed tank. It creates steam pressure that forces the boiling hot water through a bed of finely ground coffee. If equipped, this type of brewer can utilize the same broiler system sending steam to a frothing wand. 

  • Super-automatic Espresso Machines

These are fully automatic espresso and coffee makers with built-in coffee grinders, making coffee drinks with a simple push of a button. The coffee here is ground fresh, tamped flawlessly, brewed, and dispensed in a few seconds. 

Do You Need a Big Commercial Espresso Machine?

Do you run a big business? Then that’s the time you need a commercial espresso machine, which is designed for restaurant purposes.

However, if you have a small office or just a homeowner, you don’t need that robustness level in a machine.

Remember that commercial espresso machines are extremely costly. Please take note of what they can do for your big commercial business. 

Usage: How Much Espresso is Brewed?

Normally, modern espresso is brewed at least 1 to 1:2 ratio. That only means if you begin with 20 grams of ground coffee in your basket, then you must strive for something like 40 grams of brewed espresso in a cup.

Is It Worth Buying An Espresso Machine For Home?

Are you thinking of getting an espresso machine for your home? Is it worth it? From a cost point of view, the answer is yes!

You may not know it yet, but an espresso machine can save you a huge amount of money in the end.

Here are some of the perks of getting an espresso machine at your home:

  • Depending on the espresso machine you get, you can utilize any type or flavor of coffee of your choice
  • You have many choices of machines and brands to choose from
  • It is much convenient than going on a coffee run
  • You can have espresso whenever you like 

Is It Better To Refurbish An Expensive Espresso Machine?

Indeed, everyone wants to save a huge amount of money when buying equipment or any item. People will drive lengths and spend massive time looking for the best price.

However, when we talk about appliances, we have understood that buying refurbished is another way to secure substantial savings. 

That’s especially true of espresso machines as well. 

Some of the benefits of opting for refurbished espresso machines include:

  • Save money

You can save a huge amount of cash by buying a refurbished machine since they’re cheaper than brand-new ones. Often, fixing a temperamental or broken espresso machine is more expensive than a refurbished one. 

  • Simple to upgrade

A refurbished espresso machine offers you a chance to upgrade often because of the low price without putting a hole in your pocket. 

Is Buying An Espresso Machine a Worthwhile Investment?

The number of coffee houses has increased and can be seen on every street corner. For average individuals, that has meant there’s no need to purchase coffee machines, as you can get them anytime you like.

However, for true coffee drinkers out there, buying an espresso machine is truly a worthwhile investment. Here are some reasons why:

  • Cheaper than coffee houses or café 

A café might charge you at least $4 more or less for one cup of coffee. That’s a lot of money to spent every day. Buying an espresso machine instead will save you in the end. 

  • It’s sustainable 

Many people depend on espresso pods when they make them at home. However, that’s going to involve a big amount of waste over time. Take note that you’re paying for the materials in which the pods come in too. 

An espresso machine lets you purchase big packets of coffee beans that you’ll put inside the machine. That offers a substantial reduction in your amount of waste. 

  • Entertain your guest

An espresso machine can offer that good smelling aroma that can fill the room. That also blends with the comfortable furnishing, music, and television. You will then get a good combination that can entertain and relax your guests.

Final Thoughts

Are you passionate about your espresso and craving for that perfect crema? Then you must invest in an espresso machine today! But what if you are more into cappuccinos and lattes and like to save a bit of cash on the machine you purchase?

Don’t worry because there are many options for you to choose from, which involve a better diversity of coffee options and less initial investment. 

Unless you happen to be a coffee expert who knows their aromas, textures, and taste, making great espresso at home isn’t rocket science. Using the proper tools, you can make it happen if you understand and know your tools very well.

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